Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Device with Phone App – Hidden Tracking Device

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Our product is a magnetic GPS tracking device, application, and cloud based software. You purchase the device, attach it to your vehicle then start tracking! The device can be covertly placed, so the driver does not know its there. Can also be used on trailers, boats, or other assets. It is waterproof and rugged!This is a professional car tracker with anti-lost, anti-theft and tracking!When you have it , you will surprise about its multiple features. You can use GPS / LBS / GSM / GPRS to position so that error range of precise positioning is less than 10 meters. We provide website/ APP/SMS to inquire tracking information which is easy and convenient for you to check. This car GPS tracker has a 3300mAh battery, Under safe mode, locator will automatically launch a positioning information every 15 seconds, and battery power can be used for 25 days; Under power saving mode, locator will position when moving and be in standby when be static. Battery power can be used for 50 days; Under the long standby mode, device will sleep and get in sat-ency will not upload datas. You just need to send message and activate it when you want to know position information. Battery power can be used for 300 days. Our car GPS tracker can remember driving locus for 60 days, which is easy and convenient for you to check. You are allowed to set a GeoFence. When your device leave rang, it will send a alert message to you. Suitable for Using: Car Rent and motorcade management. Rental companies use for anti-theft.

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